Project Management and Business Courses

Impact Evaluation and Assessment

The course provides guidance on building organisational capacity to plan, monitor, evaluate and access the impact of interventions on the society and the poor. It focuses on determining the socio economic impact of the project as the Socio economic challenges faced by development countries requires solution through experience building. The experiences can best be developed by comprehensively monitoring and evaluating existing developmental efforts.

Full PDF: PRM 9007 – Impact Evaluation and Assessment

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

There is increasing demand from multilateral agencies, funding bodies as well as boards of private companies for a strong demonstration that projects are being monitored and evaluated effectively.  Effective project monitoring allows a project team to make appropriate decisions on a day-to-day basis and ensures that projects are carried out as planned and modified when necessary.

Full PDF: PRM 9004 – Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

Project and Programme Management

This course is designed to enhance participants’ skills in providing effective strategies and practical tools and techniques for the management and development of public and private sector programmes and projects.

Full PDF: PRM 9001 – Project and Programme Management

Risk Management

The course will provide a comprehensive guide to risk management at the strategic level, focusing on business, programmes and projects. It will show how risk management can be implemented and operated successfully within a public and private sector organisation.

Full PDF: PRM 9003 – Risk Management

Public-Private-Partnership and Concessioning 

This course assists delegates to appreciate the importance of this recent phenomenon and its growing importance. Delegates will be taken through the rudiments of PPP transactions and observe successes and failures in the UK, Africa, Asia and other regions.

Full PDF:PRM 9006 – Public-Private-Partnership and Concessioning Workshop

Agriculture Entrepreneurship Development  

This course prepares delegates on improving enterprise development programs using practical tools and guides delegates on planning and organising agribusiness enterprises. Delegates will also look at individual case studies and practical examples drawn from successful agricultural entrepreneurship programs.

Full PDF: BNS 9001 – Agriculture Entrepreneurship Development

Prince 2 – Project Management (Bespoke)

This five day Project Management Workshop is an opportunity for delegates to look at the way they handle and manage their projects. This course is aimed at managers who wish to become qualified practitioners in PRINCE 2 Project Management.

Full PDF: PRM 9002 – Prince 2 – Project Management

Exit Strategies and Sustainable Project Handover in Development Countries (Bespoke)

The course will cover how to the exit strategies involved in project closures. Areas such as benchmarking processes in meeting criteria for successful exit, managing the timeline for completion, how to set action steps and responsibilities and the mechanisms to assess the progress of the strategy execution will be discussed. We will also cover techniques of communication and negotiation – within individual teams, departments, organisation-wide as well as to external stakeholders and the media.

Full PDF: PRM 9005 – Exit Strategies and Sustainable Project Handover

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