Leadership Courses


This course aims to help delegates in leadership positions, or those aspiring to lead, to develop practical strategies for establishing, promoting and sustaining change in their organisation.

Full PDF: LDS9000 – Leadership

Change Management Workshop

This course focuses on developing the fundamental skills required to lead strategic change in your organisation by looking at ways to clarify the need for change, examining the barriers and pitfalls as well as identifying frameworks for implementing successful change.

Full PDF: LDS 9001 – Change Management Workshop

Corporate Strategy Workshop

This workshop will look at the environment in which policy is created, how it is shaped and some of the key characteristics of good policy such as outcome-focused, innovative and joined-up policy making.

Full PDF: LDS 9004 – Corporate Strategy Workshop

Executive Leadership in the 21st Century (Bespoke)

The course also seeks to develop the mindset and skills required to lead effectively and get immediate benefit in productivity. The course is ideal for senior managers, managers and officers in an executive capacity, including those responsible for corporate planning and strategy.

Full PDF: LDS 9005 – Executive Leadership in the 21st Century

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