Could the UK be facing a cash crisis with the NHS?

Medical nurse

NHS nurse

Many reporters and politicians are reporting that there could start to be “declining access to NHS services and staff layoffs.”

The Liberal Democrats suggest that the country needs to increase its funding for the NHS to keep it running as some services may end up running out of funds. This will effectively affect patients and their quality of care.

To give a general overview, Mr Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat minister) said if there are not enough resources, then “it means longer delays waiting for treatment, it means poorer access to your GP to act in a penetrative way.” However, Mr Lamb did also mention the NHS “performed remarkably well” over the past 4 years.
A lot of discussions around the NHS are going to be politically driven with the general election coming up on the 7th May 2015. There is a high indication that things can be improved but how serious is the problem?

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